Undergraduate programme

B.Agric  Agricultural Economics option

B.Agric  Agricultural Extension option


The Agricultural Economics and Extension undergraduate programme is designed in such a way that graduates will be able to:

  1. apply the knowledge of agriculture, economics and extension services to agricultural development;

  2. demonstrate practical and mechanized farming systems;


Aside the Industrial Training opportunities the programme gives to Students via the Student Work Experience Programme (SWEP), the Department also develops her students during their fourth (4th) year of the programme. This involves teaching and practical/research farm activities. Each farm activities/enterprise comprises of different courses which are assessed by various University departments that teach the course(s) according to SIWES guidelines


Each course is assessed separately based on student’s performance at field/practical activities. The assessment will cover logbook, report and oral interviews during and after each enterprise activities. The final reports will comprise of individual reports to each Department and oral defence to be assessed separately.


During student fifth/500 level year, each student are assigned a supervisor who mentors and supervises their project work. Each student is expected to present his/her project to the Department in a seminar forum. The forum comprises of all lecturers in the Department, invited lecturers and students. The seminar supervisor and the external examiner officers will then score the thesis.


Examination results are to be ready within two weeks after the completion of semester examinations.


A student shall qualify for the award of a degree when he/she shall have abided by the school rules and regulations for admission, in character and conduct, accumulated at least 207 credit units for students admitted through UTME and 167 units for those by direct entry, passed all courses recommended and obtain a CGPA of not less than 1.50; and successfully completed all class work; industrial attachments, entrepreneurial assignments, seminars and projects.

SUPPORT: Members of the Department are encouraged to solicit support and useful affiliations with the International community and other well established Universities in other parts of the world. This is with a view to developing the Department, University and the globe as a whole.

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