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To produce the next generation of agricultural economic and extension expert, who will become season entrepreneurs that create will wealth and also develop the economy through agribusiness activities. The main objective of the programme is to produce graduate who are skilled and knowledge driven, in order to enable them engage effectively in entrepreneurial and other profitable activities within the field of agriculture and other allied sectors. Above all, the department also seeks to graduate students, who will be able to utilize the knowledge gained for the establishment and operation of their own farming enterprise.

Any student who has gone through the departments programme should be able to:
• show skills and knowledge in handling agricultural and rural development related matters.
• understand all the relevant aspects of agriculture, the value of agribusiness in wealth creation and poverty alleviation
• explain steps and processes of producing and ensuring food security amidst climate change
• outline various steps necessary for the establishment and management of a farm business(es)


Agricultural Economics and Extension is an integral part of the Agriculture discipline. Students in this discipline offer basic courses in Agriculture and other Sciences. As regards the programme philosophy, the Department seeks to equip students with fundamental education that is laden with entrepreneurial skills in the field of agriculture. The focus is to conduct research and also build twenty first century leaders in the field of Agriculture who will be saddled with the responsibilities of feeding the nation, provides leadership in the field of finance and other multinationals around the world. The Department degree programmes is woven around relevant branches within the field of natural and management sciences, which are the basis of a co-ordinated sequence of applied courses offered in the subsequent years. The programme will avail students the requisite opportunities to gain broad skills in the basic agricultural sciences during their initial three years of study, practical training during their fourth year of the programme and core intensive courses in their fifth: final year.


Students should follow National and FUOYE Admission and registration procedures. Students for admission must possess the relevant credits at O' Level and passed both the UTME and Post UTME. Students must pay all the necessary school fees and must be of good character. After due process of screening at the Faculty and Departmental offices, the candidates will be provided with the list of courses for the semester for registration purposes.

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